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Matte Black
Eric Gross
My photo editing experience: I'm pretty good at this
An especially interesting film-like preset

I started using the Matte Black preset primarily with urban images, especially with images of NYC buildings and street images. I tend to use LR presets as general starting points, but this pre-set seems to require little additional post processing to create interesting and often beautiful images.

Thanks for the great feedback Eric, happy to see you making good use of them. Really love your shot!

Deep Blue
Marco Mancini
My photo editing experience: I have some experience editing photos
Great preset

Perfect preset for underwater photos, now is very simple, fast and easy to edit!

Wow, awesome photo Marco! Great to see the presets put to good use!

Deep Blue
Atr Sa
My photo editing experience: I have some experience editing photos
Happy with my purchase

Very happy with deep blue preset

Thanks for sharing, love the photos!

Clean Matte
Yemo Loof
My photo editing experience: I'm pretty good at this
Nice and clean

These presets really make your pics clean

Thanks for sharing your photo!

Yemo Loof
My photo editing experience: I am a professional
Super preset

I really like this preset

Interesting, never seen this one used on non-underwater shots. But works nicely. Great shot!

Matthieu BRETON
My photo editing experience: I have some experience editing photos
super preset

Californie apportera une touche d'originalité et de modernité à vos photos, je recommande

Merci beaucoup pour ce partage d'expérience et cette si jolie photo, Matthieu!

My photo editing experience: I
The Preset os Great!!

Love The Kong Of colours

Wow Juan, great photo. Thanks for sharing!

Bestseller Bundle
Lukas Heinen
My photo editing experience: I am quite new to this
First Preset Pack

Works nice for the right fotos, and gives you a lot of inspiration for taking fotos for the right setting.

Thanks for sharing your edits Lukas! Glad we were able to inspire you (:

Vintage Café
Matthieu BRETON
My photo editing experience: I have some experience editing photos
Vintage café

L'effet est superbe mais il faut des photos légèrement sur-exposé sinon c'est compliqué.

Heureux que vous aimiez les presets et l'effet qu'ils créent ! Merci pour votre commentaire sur l'exposition. Il vous suffit de déplacer le curseur d'exposition un peu vers la droite si le résultat est trop sombre pour vous.
Merci de partager vos photos, je les adore !

Vintage Café
Adam Tams
My photo editing experience: I'm pretty good at this
Great presets

Awesome presets that actually work!!

Thanks for sharing your edit Adam, love the shot! Glad you found presets that work well for you (:

My photo editing experience: I have some experience editing photos
Matte presets

I adore the matte presets! They give my photos such beautiful tones.

So glad you like them! Loving the photo you shared, thanks Diane!

Master Collection
Jared Searcy
Nice color tones

Easy to get a great look

Wow, great shots Jared, thanks for sharing! Happy to see you're putting them to good use!

Vintage Café
Erik Harvey
Great presets!

These presets are the best with no editing needed! Love them!

Thanks a lot Erik, glad you like them! Great photo btw, thanks for sharing (:

Vintage Café
kimarie richardson
What a kick it added!

This little collection is just beautiful for the right image. I love it.

Thanks a lot Kimarie (: Love the photo you added, truly a great shot!

Vintage Café
David Medina
Great presets to help me realize my creative vision

I finally found presets that help me realize my creative vision. These are creative presets that will help you elevate your images to the next level. Great value for the price.

Really happy you're making good use of the presets, some wonderful shots you've applied them to! Thanks for sharing and the kind words, David! (:


I really like this ?! Have never used presets this way but I’m really satisfied.

Happy to hear you like the presets and thanks for sharing a photo, great shot!

Peter Graf
A very good set of presets that gave a new "look & feel“ to my photosl

… the presets are in my favorite folder now…;-)

Thanks a lot for your kind review, Peter (:
So glad to hear you're enjoying the presets! Great shot, thanks for sharing!

Tony Straw
These presets won me over

I'm a pro photographer and pretty picky about my editing process. So picky that I never gave using presets much thought. I figured there wasn't any way they could come close to delivering the look I like. Man was I wrong. I love my Ajust presets. I purchased 3 and was so happy with the results, I bought 3 more. I love them all. What a time saver and they deliver a great look. You still have to match the right photo with the right preset, but once you get familiar with all of them, it's very easy to do... and fun as well! Really enjoying them and so glad I gave these presets a chance!

Wow, thank you Tony! I'm really happy to hear you've found the presets to be useful. Those words coming from a professional photographer really mean a lot. Always nice to see the presets in action, so thanks a lot for sharing some of your shots, love them!

Bright Whites
jeff gorski
Great stuff!

Very happy with the presets. Great looks and a good price.

Thanks a lot for the review, Jeff! Love the photos, first time I've seen these presets used on night shots (:

Teal & Orange Nights preset pack

I love these presets! I’m new to editing so there definitely help a lot

Glad you're enjoying the presets Arvin! Thanks for the great review and photo, love the angle!

Next Level Presets

I’m loving the Teal & Orange preset. I’m using them on my iPhone with Lightroom and getting excellent results. Well worth the purchase and highly recommended!

Glad you're enjoying the presets, Ed! Thanks a lot for the review. Loving the pictures by the way, great shots, thanks for sharing! (:

Great presets!

Love the effect! I am using with the Opal Opacity Slider. Endless possibilities!

Great idea! Thanks for the nice review, glad you like the presets!

Great bang for your buck

This is a top quality preset pack and would definitely like to try the rest of what they offer.

Thanks for the nice words, Ivan! Love the photo btw, nice shot!

Vintage Café
Giovanni Di Natale
Great reviews

Presets molto belli, toni caldi e facilmente adattabili a qualsiasi scatto

Grazie mille per la bella recensione e per aver condiviso una foto molto bella!

Mystic Red
Israel P
Great colors!

Just the colors I was looking for with spring upon us.

Thank you very much! Love the photo!